Do you consider your Fido as an integral part of the family?  If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owner Survey, approximately 85 million families (68%) have pets at home. It is reported that 60.2% of these families own dogs. This data accounted for a 56% increase since the first survey conducted in 1988, signifying the importance of pets in the US household in this day and age. However, what makes this number so fascinating is the fact that 63% identified their pets as being part of the family. With this growing number alone, we can probably conclude that pets are not just a source of entertainment or an addition to the household, but they actually are a family.


You can’t deny the reality that there is a special bond between the dogs and pet owners. Dogs become a huge part of our lives and we love to take care of them even when they get diseases such as skin allergies or dog ear infections. We just consider them as a member of our families, suffer through everything they go through and vice versa. We normally dubbed dogs as “man’s best friend,” and there are many reasons cited why they are considered one. A great number of dog owners could tell that their Fidos are more than just pets. So, here are some of the obvious reasons why dogs are part of the family.


Family Dogs



They share your last name.

Your canine companions are identified as an inclusion in the family if you give them a name. More so, if they even share your last name. In moments where they are overloaded with cuteness, you just simply want to call them with adorable names. Whenever you were asked about your siblings, you might probably consider your Fido as a little brother or sister as well.


No one can say bad things about your Fido.

Just like the special bond with your parents and other siblings, you feel insulted when someone mocked at your dog. You can’t tolerate anyone to say anything bad about them. Dogs might have the habit of being annoying sometimes, but you won’t give someone any permission to speak ill about your canine companion. The same is true if you will be entering a place that isn’t dog-friendly.


Your dog has more photos with you.

When you have a lot of pictures with your dog more than anyone else in the family, it shows that they are not just your pet. You don’t want your dog to be disregarded in any family photos as well. This behavior signals that your dog means something to you. He or she is important to your life, and you don’t want them to miss out those “picture-perfect” moments.


You consider them to stay for a lifetime.

Blood is, indeed, thicker than water. No matter what happens or whatever your Fido does, you won’t give up on him or her quickly. As part of the family, you recognize their value to your life. You understand that your dog meant to stay forever with you. You will protect him or her every time just as how he or she protects you.


Family Dogs


They have a special spot and place at home.

You surely know that your dog likes more cuddle and some moments of regular petting sessions. Thus, you provide them with a special place inside the house to maximize your bonding time. As part of the family, you allow them to rest on your lap, sleep in your bed several times or share precious time on a couch. You realize the importance of these moments as it gives them undivided attention and strengthens the bond.


You consider your dog in the schedule.

In everything you do or any decisions you make, you consider the presence of your dog. This is commonly true in the case of going out shopping, visiting a place, or strolling around the neighborhood. You always want to make sure that your Fido must come along. In the event that you have plans in buying a house or moving into a new place, you also want to factor the welfare of your dog by checking the size of the yard or proximity of the house to the park. You provide them with nothing but a comfortable space because they are a family.


They celebrate birthdays and join any family events.

Any family events won’t be complete without your dogs. Whether it is Thanksgiving, wedding or Christmas, they need to be there no matter what. The same is true if you’re going on a family trip. Your dog should have a special, comfortable seat while on a ride. Also, you won’t forget celebrating your Fido’s birthday with family and close friends. You may even shower them with gifts like toys and other stuff which he or she can use during playtime. According to Harris Poll statistics, 45% of owners frequently bought birthday gifts to their pet companion. Sometimes, it pays to spend a little amount of money for your companion dog.


They complete your day.

Another indicator that your canine companion is part of the family when he or she completes your day. You want to see your Fido first thing in the morning when you wake up and enjoy his or her presence every day. Your dog brings a smile on your face whenever you’re on a bad day. Life is incomplete without the stare of his or her puppy eyes and those soft, furry touches.


Your life isn’t the same without your dog.

When you started to realize how valuable they are in your life, you feel that it wouldn’t be the same without him or her. You miss your dog when he or she is not around. You’re longing for your Fido’s presence when you’re apart.

You consider their welfare and love them unconditionally.

You know that your dog is part of the family when you genuinely care and nurture them with so much love and affection. All you ever think of is providing them with all the happiness and understanding their welfare. That is how you give importance on matters like regular vet check-ups, proper nutrition, all-organic supplementation, and prevention from skin allergies, gastrointestinal problems, dog ear infection and to name a few. Your goal is to make sure that you create those long-lasting moments together.


Final Thoughts

For individuals who have grown with dogs at home, you can tell exactly how these canine companions are valuable to them. These dogs brighten up their day, so pet owners provide them with nothing but the utmost love and special attention they truly deserved. That is ultimately the essence of a family: sharing unconditional love and affection.