We all know that dogs are complicated creatures with their own distinctive and sometimes confusing behaviors.  Why they do the things they do is something all “dog people” ponder from time to time. Thankfully, we have Google searches to help us understand…..



Maybe your dog is just superstitious…..
My dog2


Break up with him NOW….if my dog doesn’t like you, neither do I
My dog1


Pick your dog up silly…..
My dog7


Try it….maybe the air tastes good?
My dog8


Your dog says your a wonderful person 🙂 We know this because we’re psychic
My dog12



Your dog loves his Jolly Ball the most….DUH!
My dog13



Would you rather them be silent like a ninja and smack you in the face??
My dog23



We really hope your dog has a brain!  Or maybe he’s a robot dog?
My dog18



Don’t worry, dogs run all of our lives…you’re not alone
My dog21



Hmmmmm….I wonder if we could patent the invisible frisbee?
My dog22



I think we’re seeing a trend here….
My dog16 My dog19 My dog21 My dog22


Despite all of the confusing behaviors that lead us “dog people” to turn to Google for answers….

My dog20