Jolly Pets Responds to Requests from Bullies Against Bullying Community


Streetsboro, Ohio, July 2015 – Jolly Pets announced today that they will release a limited edition of their best selling Jolly Ball in honor of the recently deceased bulldog and mascot for Bullies Against Bullying, Champ. Champ’s love for Jolly Balls inspired the Bullies Against Bullying community to campaign for a limited edition Jolly Ball, which the Jolly Pets team responded to enthusiastically. Before his rescue in 2009, Champ was a bait dog used in illegal dog fighting and was exposed to unmentionable cruelty and abuse. His story of recovery inspired his owner to begin Bullies Against Bullying, which combines a love of bulldogs (often called “bullies”) with bullying awareness. Despite his resilience, Champ lost a battle with cancer in June 2015.


In response to the request by the Bullies Against Bullying community, Louisa M. Marvin, Marketing Manager of Jolly Pets, said, “We’re so incredibly honored to have been part of Champ’s story. He truly symbolized what Jolly Pets is all about and embodied the Jolly Dog life that we hope every dog experiences with our products. Champ was the ultimate ambassador of our brand and developing a Limited Edition Champ Jolly Ball is the least we can do for such an inspirational bulldog.”


The special edition Jolly Ball will be released in August, in conjunction with Champ’s Celebration of Life event on August 15, 2015. It will be yellow with orange speckles, to symbolize sunshine, as Champ’s owner Neely Waring often sang “You Are My Sunshine” to Champ.  This Limited Edition Jolly Ball will be available for purchase through Carolina Pet Pantry where all proceeds will benefit bulldog rescues.


8/18/15 UPDATE

With an overwhelming response from the Bullies Against Bullying community, the Limited Edition Champ Jolly Ball SOLD OUT in 48 hours!  Thank you to everyone who purchased The Limited Edition Champ Jolly Ball. All proceeds benefit Bullies 2 The Rescue & Illinois English Bulldog Rescue.