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Jolly Pets is proud to announce a partnership with Project Blue Collar, an organization that spearheaded the movement to promote awareness of rescues and to help increase adoption rates. People often wear colored wristbands to identify their causes and  to invite conversation, so this inspired the founders of Project Blue Collar who were searching for a novel way to begin their movement. They developed the bright blue dog collars so that owners can showcase pride for their rescues.

Rescue animals often carry with them a stigma. Many people think that rescues are wild dogs from the streets, have behavior problems, or are all old and mangy. Like most stigmas, this one is not an accurate representation of reality. According to the ASPCA, one of the most common reasons that a person relinquishes their pet is due to housing reasons, and a large percentage of those dogs are younger than 3 years old. Project Blue Collar’s hope is that this will provide opportunities for owners to share their rescue’s story, and ultimately inspire others to “adopt instead of shop” for a new dog.

We also recognize that every dog has a story, and we have always felt a responsibility to help dogs in need. Those are some of the reasons why this partnership is such a natural fit for us, and what drives us to innovate and develop toys that don’t just provide entertainment, but enrich lives. So for every transaction recorded on, we will donate a Jolly Pets toy to a shelter dog in need. It’s our hope that we can help enrich the shelter dog’s life as they wait for a new owner to adopt them and bring them home.

The aid in the movement to spread awareness through sharing stories of rescues, in every order we are including a thank you note listing the name of the dog recieving the Jolly Pet toy and the name of the shelter where the dog is. We are eager to see pictures and posts, so be sure to include #DogGotToy and spread some holiday love and joy to an underdog today!