Like us, dogs love a little comfort. Therefore, when your pet gets the opportunity to hop onto your couch and snuggle up, the temptation is often too good to pass up. Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with you and your pet cuddling up on the couch, however, not every pet owner fancies that idea. Also, once your pet gets a taste of your comfy couch, you will have a hard time keeping her off. Here are a few tips on how to keep your dog off the couch.


The “Off” Command

Pets obey verbal instructions very well so try teaching her the off command until she learns to associate it with staying off the couch. If she attempts to climb onto the couch in your presence, don’t scold her. Instead, use a calm but very authoritative voice to say the “off” command. You could also use treats to lure her off the sofa.


The Leash

A leash works well when you and your pet are indoors. Get your pet to sit on the floor close to you and then step on the leash so that she can’t wonder off. When she tries to get onto the couch, gently tug at the leash and speak the “off” command and lead her to her designated resting area.


The Treats

Throw her a tasty treat each time she gets off the couch. This is often the easiest way to teach your pet to stay away from the seat. If your pet has her own bed, leave treats on it so that it will become her best place to rest. Also, some pets find chewing toys fascinating, so leave a few lying around on her bed to keep her occupied.


Restrict Access

When your dog is home alone, she tends to rest wherever is convenient.  A good way to keep her away from the couch is to restrict her from accessing it. Close doors that lead to the living room, or the bed room if possible. In most cases, a doggy gate is a good alternative that can help you keep her away from the sofa when you are out of the house.


Deterrent Devices or Sprays

There are a range of devices and sprays that you can buy to help keep your pet off the couch. These accessories are operated manually, but there are some that are motion-activated. They shoot off air or make annoying sounds that will deter your pet from jumping onto the couch. When you are not at home, these devices will startle her without causing any harm.


Comfortable Dog Bed

If you don’t want her on the couch, provide an alternative. Your pet deserves a simple yet comfortable place to hang out. A comfortable dog bed on the floor is the best place for her to rest or play with her toys. Ensure that the bed has enough padding and is warm enough to accommodate her.


Final Word

The couch is very inviting, especially to your pet. You are likely to find her curled up on the couch resting. If this habit does not excite you, the best thing to do is to try to keep her off. The ideas we have listed here will help you get your pet to respect that couch.




Brian Morgan owns two dogs a Pomeranian and Husky who keep him busy. On his free time he is an editor at DogBedZone, a blog that provides tips and tricks to paw parents everywhere.