I mean, innocent until proven guilty… right?



1. “I swear, it just EXPLODED…

Reddit: KiteTales



2. “I saw nothing. I know nothing.”

Reddit: tslout



3. “Psh. I have no idea who ripped up that toilet paper. I’ve been laying here with my bone this WHOLE time.”

Reddit: NickVo



4. “Those… those aren’t mine…”

Reddit: alexxlea



5. “I swear, I’m just as baffled as you are.”

Reddit: cajun_kidATL



6. “… No, this was already here when I walked in the room.”

Reddit: iwillthinkaboutit



7. “Something on my face? What are you even talking about?”

Reddit: GameGenie710



8. “Trash? What trash? I love you!”

Reddit: Zwonix



9. “Man, I’d sure hate to be the dog who made this mess, am I right…?”

Reddit: 1890s_kid



10. “I literally have no idea what just happened.”

Reddit: IEatConcrete



11. “I was just taking a bath, I swear!”

Reddit: balbuzard09