Hi guys!

My name is Duke.  I’m a 2 year old black mouth cur.  My mommy rescued me as a 6 month old puppy when I got abandoned on a back country road.  She’s awesome!  She feeds me, plays with me, and made me a really nice dog house and kennel.  But, best of all………she got me the most AWESOME toy!!!  It’s this ball with a tug  rope through the middle.  Mom throws it for me to fetch and even throws it in the pond because it floats!  That is so much fun in the hot, hot days of summer in Texas. I get to go swimming and play with my toy at the same time.  I can play tug of war with my brother – he’s a lab………and even just run around with it by myself.  It’s fun to get up on the big round hay bales and throw it off, then jump back on top of the hay bales and do it again!

I was really upset when I lost my toy in the high grass in the back pasture.  I ran around the yard for two days straight trying to hunt for it.  I got really depressed.  So, my awesome mommy got me another one.  A few days later dad found my first one so the ‘new’ toy got put away for later.

I love it so much that the rope ended up coming out.  That’s okay………I still play with the ball.  But, then the ball started getting kind of chewed up.  Uh- oh…………last time I went to the pond it wasn’t floating…… was sinking!!!  Oh no!!!  I had to dive my face under the water to save my favorite toy ever!!!

I pretty much just carry it around everywhere now.  I don’t want anything to happen to it like getting lost or sinking in the pond.  Maybe mom can pull that new one out for me now???

Thanks again Jolly Pets for making such a great toy!!!!


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