I would feel very comfortable saying that my dog, Andy, is Jolly Ball’s biggest fan!

The ball he has in this picture is (at least) the 15th he’s had in his life.  He LOVES these balls.  This particular ball is special  because of the way in which he obtained it:  we were visiting a friend’s farm (Andy had never been there before) and amidst all of the strange dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, ponies that were roaming around in a large pasture Andy spotted The Ball.   The Ball of Joy.   He zeroed in on that ball and that’s all he had eyes for.  He didn’t bother any of the other animals, didn’t try to herd or chase anyone, he just wanted that ball.    We were travelling and had left his beloved Jolly Ball and home and he was utterly delighted to see this other ball.   Our friend was kind enough to let Andy take the ball with us when we left.  For the remainder of our 2 week road trip, Andy kept that ball handy.  He wanted to have it in our hotel rooms, and he took it to his bed with him every night.

Jolly Balls have contributed his very happy life and he loves them beyond measure.


Andy would love to be a Jolly Ball spokesdog!