Jolly Pets Holiday Toy Drive Partnership!

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Jolly Pets is proud to announce a partnership with Project Blue Collar, an organization that spearheaded the movement to promote awareness of rescues and to help increase adoption rates. People often wear colored wristbands to identify their causes and  to invite conversation, so this inspired the founders of Project Blue Collar who were searching for a novel… Read more »

Giving a Dog as a Gift: A Holiday Guide

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With the holidays approaching, the temptation to wow somebody with the gift of a puppy is ever-present. After all, the idea of giving a dog as a gift is extremely attractive. The thought of a new puppy as a gift conjures up images of a Norman Rockwell painting, but it’s often not the reality. One of… Read more »

Identifying Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

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Many pet owners suffer from seasonal allergies. Even if you don’t, you’re likely familiar with the typical symptoms: runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing, and congestion. Identifying seasonal allergies in dogs can be challenging because they are easily missed or confused with something else. Unlike human allergy symptoms, which are predominantly respiratory-based, the symptoms in dogs… Read more »

#JollyPets Heatin’ Up this August

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  As August approaches and summer peaks, be aware that your #JollyPets needs to cool off. What better way to cool off you #JollyPets than with our Jolly Jumper? Fun, crazy, and durable, your JollyPets will be ready to cool off in the water with this floatable chew toy!

Tug-N-Toss Your Jolly Pet into the Pool!

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Sometimes we have to let our #JollyPets cool off the only way we know how- in the water. And sometimes they only way to get our Jolly Pet in the water is to make sure we Tug N Toss them in. Our Tug N Toss is fun, durable, floatable, and ready for some real summer fun!

Romp-n-Roll All Day with your #JollyPets

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  What’s more fun than a Romp-n-Roll? A Romp-n-Roll with friends! Not only is our #JollyToy fun, durable, and floatable, but it’s shareable! Playtime becomes more fun when you can share your Romp-n-Roll with your other #JollyPets!  

#JollyPets Teaser Ball is Too Much Fun to Contain

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  Float it, stuff it, lob it, throw it- #JollyPets Teaser Ball will entertain your dog for hours. It’s tough, fun, and drives your #JollyPet crazy when you stuff treats inside. It’s even ideal for the summer heat when you throw it in the water!

Let’s Get Ready to Romp (n-Roll)!

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  Is your pet always rompin’ and rollin’ like these guys? Jolly Pets like these guys need a toy that can withstand anything anywhere. JollyPets Romp-N-Roll can survive the everyday wear and tear of active dogs- whether it be on land or in the water or some fun with friends, JollyPets Romp-N-Roll is the toy… Read more »

#JollyDog Since Day 1

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Romp-N-Rollin’ since they were puppies, our JollyDogs have always known that our products are super fun, super awesome, and super durable. Just like the guy above, who knows that the Romp-N-Roll is tough enough to withstand even him growing up some day.

Benefits Behind Adopting a Dog

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  If you’re considering bringing a dog into your home, look no further than an animal shelter for your perfect companion. Even though many people have the idea that all shelter dogs were forced from their homes because of behavior problems or health issues, most dogs are brought to a shelter because of changes in… Read more »

It’s a Ruff Day for #JollyDogs

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  Has your #JollyDog been stressing out lately? Playtime too full of running, swimming, and catch? JollyPets Flathead toy is there for our Jolly Dogs in their times of need when the going gets too ruff- I mean, tough- for them to handle.

Jolly Toy Makes Epic Escape

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Jolly Egg Jolly Pets

  Like the guy above, our #JollyDogs just can’t seem to get a grip on our Jolly Eggs. The fun never ends because they are constantly escaping our JollyPets’ clutches!

Old #JollyDog, New Jolly Toy

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JollyTug Alien

Looking for some in the sun this summer with your pup? Turn the tide by trying out our Jolly Tug Alien. They aren’t only super cool and fun, but they like to play in the water as much as our JollyDogs do!

#JollyDogs Beat the Heat

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  With the summer just starting, our #JollyPets have been beating the heat and cooling down in the water with their favorite toys. What better swimming companion than the Jolly Jumper? It’s tough enough, fun enough, and awesome enough to keep your dog on their paws!

Dear Jolly…The Jolly Egg Is His Favorite Dog Toy

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Thought you might enjoy this: Big brother, Astro showing little Derby how much fun the Jolly Egg is. The Jolly Egg is by far his favorite dog toy, if there were Jolly Egg Olympics I am sure he would get the gold   Source – Catchlight Photography By Claudia   CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT… Read more »

Dear Jolly…My Dog Loves His Jolly Ball

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My dog LOVES his Jolly Ball and we take it on walks with us   Another photo of Boozer and his big red jolly ball. Don’t tell him it’s a horse toy!   Love snow! Source – Jenifer Fisher   CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT BOOZER’S FAVORITE TOY!   We often receive letters, emails &… Read more »

7 Spring Dog Travel Tips

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Dog Travel Tips for Spring

Whether your trips take you on a doggie day trip or a dream vacation, here are five tips for making sure your spring adventure fetches plenty of good memories.

OMG Make it Stop…

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Queue the wail of your dogs beloved squeak toy. Then again and again and again and again. what the heck is it about that dang-on sound that Fido loves so much? The most common theory as to why dogs are attracted to squeaky toys is that they are essentially rubber or plush versions of the… Read more »

Chew, chew, chew…

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Chewing is a perfectly normal behavior for dogs of all ages. Both domestic and wild dogs can spend hours chewing. This activity keeps their jaws strong and their teeth clean. They chew for fun, they chew for stimulation, and they chew to relieve anxiety. While chewing behavior is normal, dogs sometimes direct their chewing behavior… Read more »

There Goes Another Toy…

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Scenario: You just bought your dog a new toy, and within a week, it’s gone. Completely ruined and torn to pieces. Or perhaps they’ve had it for quite some time, you thought it was their favorite and then one day, they tore it to pieces. Question: So why do dogs end up destroying their toys?… Read more »