2. “I just wanted to party.”

3. “What? I didn’t fall asleep on the job, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


5. “This entire week has been one surprise hole after another.”

6. “Not even my book was good.”

7. “Almost having something might actually be worse than never having it at all.”

8. “HE started it and I got in trouble.”

9. “I was tricked…again.”

10. “…same.”

11. “Just this. This is why I need my weekend.”

12. “Even couch time was rough.”

13. “Welp, I was outdone like a baby.”

14. “I literally picked the worst day to start my diet.”

15. “I just can’t with my co-workers.”

16. “Is it possible to have the ‘Mondays’ every day of the week?”

17. “So, this happened too.”

18. “I just need a VACATION.”

19. “Ugh, no one wanted to play with me this week. NO ONE.”

20. “I made a fool out of myself on a first date.”

21. “My co-workers picked on me.”

22. “I swear if you ask me if I’m having a ‘ruff’ week one more time…”

23. “I TRIED to be helpful but just got stuck.”

24. “I’m just TIRED this week, OK? Can’t anyone just let me NAP.”

25. “I keep getting stuck like this at work.”

26. “I’m just so sleepy, I need the weekend.”

27. “I tried relaxing after work and it didn’t work out so well.”

28. “I thought it was Friday every day this week.”

29. “Everyone has just been so demanding this week!”

31 Dogs Who Had A Rough Week

30. “This is all I want to do all weekend long.”

"This is all I want to do all weekend long."

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